10 Healthy Foods for Cellulite, the Nightmare of Summer Months


Ladies! The sun is heralding that summer season will start soon. The watermelon rind will start to seen in the sea on the south coasts and of course the swimsuits will be in our mind too.

We said swimsuits? Bikini, tankini, monokini… How beautiful they are. Ahh what if we would not have that excess weights which need detox that is known as cellulite. Of course we can get rid of them.

Let’s start and draw a good route for us. Let’s feed healthy, learn what is good for cellulite and learn how to get rid of from orange peel look. Wearing a bikini should not be a persecution for us from now on.

1We all know: Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a fruit which is a living legend in issues about losing weight and takes part in every healthy list. However you should not only consider the grapefruit alone. All fruits that contain vitamin C are a potential cellulite fighter. Orange, lemon or lime is included to these.

Vitamin C fruits and vegetables are good for cellulite because vitamin C helps body to produce collagen. The collagen helps body to gain the flexibility, smooth out and become persistent. In this way your body will be free of cellulite.

2Surprising beauty: Broccoli

It both contains vitamin C in it and one of the delicious vegetables that take place in our tables during the winter season. Another vegetable which can accompany to broccoli is the cauliflower.

Broccoli and cauliflower is good for cellulite because the hardening of collagen fibers is prevented thanks to their alpha lipoid content. The hardening of collagen fibers means an increase in the cellulite.

3How delicious they are: Tomatoes

Tomatoes which is a complete summer vegetable and even we surprised a lot when we learnt that in fact it is a fruit, fight against cellulite with watermelons and apricots.

Tomatoes, watermelons and apricots are good for cellulite because they accelerate the blood circulation thanks to their lycopene content. The accelerated blood circulation helps to fat loss. In this way they support the burning of the fat in areas with cellulite also support the work of collagen thanks to their vitamin C content.

4Fragrant: Coriander

Coriander is also known as the cousin of parsley, it provides a good feeling with intense fragrance, allow fresh breathe when consumed as seeds and it also has a supporting role in cellulite.

Coriander and parsley is good for cellulite because it helps in the removal of the edema and toxins from the body which is the first stage of cellulite treatment. In this way the body will be suitable for cellulite treatment.

5Has place in every list: Banana

It almost tastes good in all desserts, relaxes people and creates a carnival atmosphere with its taste and it has two way functions on cellulite. Eating one banana in every day will cause your skin to shine and also fight against cellulite for you.

The banana is good for cellulite because just like lycopene in tomatoes, banana increase the blood flow and helps to burn fat due to the potassium it contains.

6A detox on its own: Cucumber

It has its own place in detox drinks, takes part in homemade fruit juices and we are now even mentioning that it has a special place in salad. The cucumber which causes such delicious events is also a great anti-cellulite.

The cucumber is good for cellulite because it helps the elimination of edema and toxins just like parsley. In this way the body will be eliminated with excessive water and the skin and to body will be relaxed.

7Omega 3 treasures: Fishes

This time we are here with perhaps the most delicious and healthy one of the white meat class. We know the fishes with their richness in terms of omega 3 for many years and we consume them because they are good for eyes. They also fight against the cellulite too.

The fish is good for cellulite because the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids help the regulation of fat that causes cellulite in the body and allow them to burn in metabolism.

8Against the diseases too: Ginger

The ginger is the veteran of the winter and it has place in smoothies which also does its best against cellulite. For those who cannot consume ginger can eat almonds and walnuts.

The ginger is good for cellulite because it increases the metabolism and blood circulation, increase fat burning with its blood thinning effect.

9Most delicious tropical: Pineapple


Maybe we should start with pineapple in the first fruit because it is a really good anti-cellulite on its own. There are many reasons why it is so important.

The pineapple is good for cellulite because it eliminates the deformed collagen structure, helps to get rid of from edema in body due to it contains the bromelain enzyme and it smoothes the skin just like grapefruit thanks to vitamin C.

10They keep you full: Whole grain foods

Grains are the main keys of healthy diet. However the grains we talk about are the ones which will not disrupt your diet with their level of fiber. This means that we are talking about whole wheat, bran or brown rice.

The whole grain foods are good for cellulite because they keep you away from junk food thanks to their properties which keep you full. And also they eliminate the retained water in body since they are antioxidant.

11As a bonus: Green tea and water

This list would not be completed without green tea. Green tea is the backbone of healthy life however it is not recommended to consume more than 2 cups in a day since it may cause fluctuations in blood pressure. There are many more features which makes it so special.

And also the water which we need to drink a lot comes to our list with green tea. The experts advise at least 2 liters of water in a day however you still should contact with your doctor. The body mass index and other conditions of each person vary the amount of water you need to consume.

The green tea and water are good for cellulite because both of the drinks help to get rid of from edema and eliminate the swelling. They provide fat burning by speeding up the metabolism. Besides of all these the green tea is a hero with the antioxidants it contain.
After we learnt all of these let’s check out what you can do to prevent the formation of cellulite briefly.

12How to prevent cellulite?

If you want to prevent cellulite you need to make a “Banned List” or “Things to Reduced to Minimum List” for yourself.

This list includes the followings; fizzy and salty drinks, fat deli products, junk food, fatty meats, canned goods and fast food.

Also the things you need to add to the list to live a healthy life are; daily walks, the habit of using stairs, sit up and dance if you are able to.

Let’s take out the bikinis out!