90% of Women Do Not Know to Calculate Their Bra Size


According to Curvy Kate underwear brand, 90% of the women are wearing the wrong bra size. Curvy Kate underwear brand state that they were shocked as a result of their research. Well, how the right bra size calculation should be? It will be good for you to take a look at our news which includes an essay to calculate the right bra size.


British underwear brand Curvy Kate state that most of the women are wearing the wrong bra sizes. The brand states that they are quite decisive in their proof. A woman sends her photographs to the brand and experts determine that the woman is wearing 6 size smaller bras according to the size it should be. The woman who is happy due to she is thinking that she is wearing the correct bra size even tells that her posture became more accurate due to her current bra size. Experts who stated that they were shocked by the result claim that women go under the knife because they buy the wrong bra size. The brand states that women can make their breasts look bigger in case they calculate their bra size correctly. Well, how the right bra size calculation should be?

If the straps in the back of your bra are curling upwards than this means that this bra is large for you. The correct way of this is; the strap in the back of the bra should be stand horizontally in your back. The bra should gently lift your breasts up, the bottom part should wrap your breasts and it should fit to your ribs. The rubber parts of the bra should not tighten your back and shoulders as well as it should not be loose. You need to feel comfortable and should not experience posture and breathing difficulty in your bra.

How Can We Calculate?

1. The letters such as A, B, C in bra expresses the breast size and numbers such as 21, 34, 36 expresses the width of your back. Let’s firstly find the size of your bra whether it is A, B, C or D. You need to measure the bottom part of your chest with tape measure after that you need to measure the widest part of your chest. If the difference between them is lower than 6,5 you are A, if it is between 6.5 – 13 you are B, if it is between 14 – 19.5 you are C, if it is between 19.5 – 26 you are D.

You can find your body size from the following table according to your first measurement…

Back Width Bra Size

  • 63-67 30 (65)
  • 68-72 32 (70)
  • 73-77 34 (75)
  • 78-82 36 (80)
  • 83-87 38 (85)
  • 88-92 40 (90)
  • 93-97 42 (95)
  • 98-102 44 (100)

2. For the cover measure you need to pay attention to five main points after you put on your bra and adjust the straps.

3. The bottom part of the environment of your breast and straps should not be too tight or loose, the midpoint of the bra should fit to the rib cage. If it is underwire bra the underwire should not exert pressure on the chest. If there is no shrinkage or space in the coupe of the bra or the breasts are not protrude from the coupe this means that product in suitable for your body.

You can find the right size for your body in line with the following information.

Size of Breast Bottom Line

Europe United Kingdom England

  • 60 28 AA
  • 65 30 A
  • 70 32 B
  • 75 34 C
  • 80 36 D
  • 85 38 DD
  • 90 40 E
  • 95 42 F
  • 100 44 G