Does Garlic Oil is Good for Ringing in the Ears?


Every person at least for once faces with ringing in the ear in his / her life. In our does garlic oil is good for ringing in the ears article we have provided information about this topic.

You hear a tone sound in the ear in the ringing in the ear which is also known as tinnitus and this case may disturb the person a lot after a while.

Ringing in the ear may be caused due to disorders such as upper respiratory tract infections, blockage of ear due to earwax, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, ear bone changes (abnormal bone growth), age-related hearing loss, ear injury or infection, high or low blood pressure, diabetes and circulatory system disorders.

Garlic oil plays a major role in getting rid of ringing in the ear which is cause by bacteria and various diseases due to its antibacterial, antiviral, anti-pathogenic and anti-inflammatory properties and it is the most effective natural solution known for ringing in the ear.


How to use garlic oil for ringing in the ear?

Drop 3 drops of garlic oil in your ear every night before you go to bed, wait for a while in that position and allow your ear to suck that oil.

How to prepare garlic oil at home?

As you can buy the garlic oil from herbalists you can also prepare it in your home.
Grate a clove of garlic, include half a tablespoon of olive oil in it and mix and boil them. Let it cool down.