Erection Problems


Not being able to become erect is a serious concern of many men especially many of the middle aged and older men. Men are generally considered with their penis in a sexual intercourse. Women has no need to make any special preparations in terms of sexual relationship willingly or unwillingly, even it is not possible due to their nature. They can have a sexual intercourse in anywhere at any time as they want. It is a separate issue that whether they will have pleasure from this or not. However men should be prepared as he is the governing party in the process and he should be able to maintain this task. With a simple description this is the erection of the penis and maintaining this condition (of course the ideal one is adding the preparation of the women to this period).

The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The opportunity to being able to erectile in the young ages will decrease depending on the stress, social and economic conditions, and physical deformation as the age grows older. The inability to become erect or the erectile dysfunction problem may consists of these three reasons.

  • 1. Physical conditions,
  • 2. Psychological conditions,
  • 3. Conditions caused by both physical as well as psychological reasons.

Finding where the problem is only possible with the questioning it. Knowing whether a person with erectile dysfunction during sexual intercourse can become erect while masturbating or experience a morning erection can lead to the source of the problem. Another method is a number of physical tests for instance measuring the blood flow in the penis, variety of drug usage for the penis. As a consequence of these the problem must be found by the physicians who examined the person by evaluating his condition. If it is physical medication or surgery will be recommended according to the kinds and conditions. If the problem is psychological he will be directed to the most appropriate therapy.

Psychological pressures can significantly affect the male erectile factor. These are reasons such as economic incompetence, social relations, penis size anxiety, Fear of premature ejaculation, suspicion of inability to satisfy his partner, inability to provide enough pleasure to his partner, thinking of committing a crime concerns, fear of to deceive or to be deceived, or the fear of being compared with other men. The solution to the source of psychological problems have high success rate in the solution of erectile dysfunction in men.

How to solve the erection problems?

No matter what is the source of the problem, you need to find a solution as soon as possible. If an erectile dysfunction initiated by a simple fear will not cured, it will increase day by day and it will be aggravated for no reason. If physical problems are not resolved by appropriate methods, they will again lead to physical and psychological problems by adding psychological pressure on the men again. It is observed that many of the men who have erection concerns have a real sense of erectile dysfunction in the long run.

Men with erectile problems will get away from society and women, will experience failure in social relationships and business life by considering himself poor and powerless, feeling the sexual inadequacy. Even he will have homosexuality concerns. That is why no matter the reason is it will be useful to apply to appropriate places as soon as possible for men’s health and for future generations.