Factors that Speed Up the Pre-Ejaculation


Factors that cause to speed up the pre-ejaculation are listed below:

  • Being newly married or not have any sexual intercourse before.
  • Getting excited.
  • Delicate, fragile, impatient, perfectionist character features.
  • Sexual intercourses after not having any for a long time.
  • Feeling that partner’s will is more than yours during the sexual intercourse.
  • Decrease in intensity of sexual intercourse.
  • Speeding up during sexual intercourse.
  • Anxious and irritable mood.
  • Be extremely willing or excessive tension of the sexual desire.
  • Coming home overwhelmed, tired and distressed by the stress of the day.
  • Fear of failure associated with sexual intercourse.
  • Partner’s sexual reluctance.
  • Early sexual experiences with women who do not give importance to sexual pleasure, prostitutes or girlfriend in an environment which you fear to get caught.
  • Having sexual intercourses with other women, not only by your wife.
  • Problematic marriages.
  • The worry to experience erectile dysfunction.
  • Etc.