Foods that are Good for Pimple


The foods that are good for skin and especially pimples are not much different from the food recommended by the experts for a balanced nutrition. For example if you consume plenty of fast food, sugary drinks, snacks like chips and salty foods your skin will be affected negatively just like your overall health. If you consume vegetables and fruits that are proposed in healthy eating lists your skin will be more smooth and bright by fully taking the needed vitamins and minerals. Outstanding points to prevent pimples apart from the foods are cleaning the skin regularly, moisturizing the skin and drinking plenty of water. If the pores will not be cleaned it will paves the formation of pimple by increasing the bacteria growth.

Foods that are Good for Pimple

The cause of the pimples is not entirely the consumed foods. Increasing testosterone hormones (known as male sex hormone and can be found in women) due to stress, disruption of sleep patterns, fatigue may lead to pimple. If you support the rising testosterone with alcohol, sugar, saturated fats, caffeine the pimple problems will continue to grow. Also lack of exercise increase the testosterone level in blood. As a result you need to learn how to cope with stress, reduce caffeine, alcohol, saturated fats and sugar, and create a regular exercise program yourself besides paying attention to your diet.

There are some foods that are good for skin in the following list however there are some other foods which are good for skin and pimples outside of this list. If you have lots of pimples that may disturb your look and you can not provide a decrease in them despite the measures taken we recommend you to consult your doctor.

Fruits and Vegetables: Our skin requires certain vitamins and minerals in order to protect itself and for the renewal of the cells. For example many of the products that produced for pimple treatment includes vitamin A. The antioxidant effects of vitamin A help to eliminate the toxins from body. Carrots, kale, spinach, cabbage and melon are a very good source of vitamin A. Again vitamin C which has antioxidant effect can be taken from oranges, lemons, grapefruit, strawberries, tomatoes and sweet potatoes. Pay attention to consume different colors of fruits and vegetables for your overall health.

Whole Grain Foods: Whole grain foods contain more fiber, minerals and vitamins from the foods made from white flour. In this way they maintain hormone levels by helping to keep blood sugar steady. Pimples caused by hormone fluctuations can be reduced with whole grain foods such as brown rice, oats, and barley.

Fish: Fishes are healthy protein source according to the red meat which has high cholesterol and also they are rich in zinc and other minerals. The zinc is shown among the minerals that help to alleviate the pimples however excessive consumption of zinc has a toxic effect and especially zinc supplements should be consumed in expert control. You can consume cold water fishes such as trout, tuna fish and salmon for sufficient amount of zinc and omega 3 fatty acids which are important for overall health.

Fats: Excessive fatty foods may lead your skin to be adiposity and pimples. Selecting the correct source of fats is important for skin care. Herbal sources such as hazelnuts, almonds, and flaxseed would be more accurate selection instead of fat cheese, margarine, and butter. Also pay attention to consume skim or low fat milk and dairy products.

Other Suggestions to Reduce Pimple Formation

Eat low glycolic index food that slowly increases the blood sugar level. Foods that suddenly raise the blood sugar levels after they are consumed may increase the formation of pimple. Do not skip your meals and do not start the day without having breakfast.

Leaving long times between meals may cause you to eat more than needed and eat faster. Instead of this try to eat less but often in order to maintain the blood sugar steady.

Reduce the alcohol consumption or quite for a while. Try to drink 2 liters of water daily.

Limit the consumption of coffee and tea that raises the stress. You can drink fruits or herbal teas which are rich in terms of vitamins and minerals.

Prepare an exercise program for yourself and work out at least 3 days of the week until you sweat.

Stay away from processed foods that are prepared with trans fats. Consume less fries, more boiled foods. Do not eat foods produced from food dye, chemical preservatives and synthetic food supplements.