How should genital health, care and cleaning be?


All women need to pay attention especially to genital care and genital cleaning. Here are the hints of genial health…

Your genital area is an organ of your body. The care and health of your vagina which is located in the genital area is very important for your health and care. Keep your vagina away from chemicals and immediately seek medical advice when you see a change. Well, how the care of genital area should be?

Experts noting that women especially want their genitals to smell good and pointing that they use deodorant, lotion or spray to do this. Also they state that consuming plenty of water is useful for the genital areas of women. Again they state that women especially can minimize the fungal infections that occur in the genital area by consuming cranberry juice and yoghurt.

Healthy organs are required for a healthy sex life. To do this you need to regularly go for check up for whether your genital area is healthy or not, and this is a must…
Well, what to do or not to do for healthy genital area?

Wash It

Wash your genital area and vagina with non-allergic soap. Soap use generally can cause irritation and itching in the vulva region. Because soap may remain during the washing. Also excessive cleaning can lead to irritation. You do not need to wash your genital area in your each toilet. Only cleaning with water will be sufficient.

Do not expect it to smell like flowers

Certainly do not use deodorants, lotions and sprays to make your genital area smell good. Also the use of hygienic wipes or wet wipes are not recommended. Change your panties on a daily basis to make your genital area fresh and smell good. Avoid from using daily pads. Their continuous use can cause skin irritation and prevents the breathing of the skin of your genital area.

Wash it front to back

Always wash your vagina front to back after you make your toilet. Otherwise if you wash it back to front, the bacteria will be moved to your vagina and disease risks will be increased.

Avoid from oils

Never apply oils or other substances to your vagina such as vaseline or alcohol. If it is very necessary then you can prefer water based lubricants or silicone based lubricants.

Observe the changes

Know your vagina and genital area well and notice the changes. Especially in case of the occurrence of smell, discharge, appearance, itching, or if different changes during the intercourse, consult your doctor.