How the Breast Cancer in Men Can Be Diagnosed at Home?


Knowing the symptoms of breast cancer can save the life of yours and your loved ones. In our how the breast cancer in men can be diagnosed at home article we have described the breast examination at home for men. Definitely recommend this examination to your husband, brother and father. The most important detail in treatment and the cure is the early diagnose of the disease. If you experience any symptoms or permanent change occurred in your chest you need to consult your doctor immediately without any delay.

Apply Breast Examination to Yourself

1. Lie back and put your right arm under your head. When you lie down your breast tissue will spread to the chest wall in the most finely way and you can feed the tissue more clearly and comfortable.


2. With the tips of your 3 middle fingers in your left hand examine your right breast and check whether you feel lumps. Perform circular movements to feel the breast tissue.


3. Apply 3 pressure levels in order to feel all the breast tissue. Low pressure is needed for tissue that is closest to the skin, medium pressure is needed for a little bit deeper tissue and high pressure is needed for the tissue that is close to chest and ribs. You can consult to a doctor about the pressure levels. Apply all the pressure levels before you skip to the next stage.


4. Check with the up and down movements through chest and middle of the chest starting from the armpits. Continue till you feel the all chest region, neck, collarbone and ribs.


5. Check your left breast in the same way by using the finger tips of your right hands.


6. Check your armpits by lifting your arm slightly while you are standing or sitting. In this way you can feel the tissue much better.