Lose Weight by Consuming Apples and Pears!


You can take the advantage of fruits to lose weight! We have mentioned the effects of these fruits to lose weight in our “lose weight by consuming apples and pears” article.
A study has been made on women who diet for 12 weeks in Brazil in 2003. Women were divided into three groups in this study. 3 apples were included to the diet of the first group, 3 pears to 2nd group and low-fat oatmeal cookies to the 3rd group.

At the end of research it is observed that women who consumed apples and pears eta less and lost more weight for those who consumed low-fat oatmeal cookies.

Always consume apple or pears before each meal for your skin and body health. According to Tammi Flynn and Jeanne Drury who are the authors of best-selling “3 Apples A Day Diet Plan” book, you can keep your stomach full for a long time and avoid eating a lot by doing so. Especially consume one apple or pear before you go to events that include pastries and high calorie food such as birthdays and girl to girl meetings. The fibers in these fruits can protect you from being hungry and prevents the intake of unnecessary calorie.

You can also consume smoothie as your breakfast or snack by making it from apple or pear.

You can prepare this smoothie by mixing the yoghurt, ice cubes, chopped apples or pears in the blender. And then include one dessert spoon of honey in it.
If you are going to drink the smoothie in the breakfast you can include one dessert spoon of protein powder in it if you wish.

According to the famous nutritionist Marilee Berry, the author of “Sound Bites: The Best of the Low-Carb Lifestyle” book you must consume one apple or pear before doing sports if you want to increase your muscle mass and energy. The fruits are the foods that include carbohydrate which we need during the high intensity exercises. It can be any type of carbohydrate however the apple – pear are the most ideal foods in terms of both being healthy and not addictive.

The apple or pear, both of them are foods that are effective suppressing the hunger. These foods should not be missing in your office and home. You can consume them by slicing and sprinkle some cinnamon on them or as fruit salad by mixing the apple, pear, banana, orange and other fruits.