Natural and Effective Methods in Constipation Treatment


You can overcome this inconvenience with natural therapies and taking drugs for constipation.

It is possible with feeding with fiber foods, staying away from stress, and sufficient water consumption.

Natural and Effective Treatment Methods for Constipation:

* Keep training your intestines. Go to the toilet at the same time each day and sit on the toilet for five minutes even you do not need to do it. But certainly do not strain. You will see that after a while you will need to go to toilet at the same hour every day.

* Eat a spoon of marmalades which are made from plums and apricots in the morning on an empty stomach and drink one cup of water. If you are on slimming diets, boil half a kilo of damson plum in three liters of water and cool it. Drink one cup from the mixture in every morning on an empty stomach.

* Drink less tea. If you really love to drink tea squeeze a lemon in it. Because sometimes Vitamin C can be the cure for constipation.

* Drink plenty of water. Drink at least one or 1.5 liters of water every day.

* Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Eat fruits and vegetables at least 4 times in each day.

* Prefer grain products which are not unpurified a lot. However do not give lots of place to excessive amount of whole products. Because phytic acids in the bran prevent the iron absorption and leads to anemia.

* Eat dry beans such as pinto beans and lentils often.