Penis Curvature


None of the duo organs in the human body (such as hands, eyes, testicles) are identical, there are always some differences between them. All organs and parts of people can differ both as exterior look and during their functions. These differences can be very little and may be too much from time to time.

As we know, penis is a male sexual organ and has a duty to leave the sperms (semen) to the deeps of female vagina and it provides pleasure to the people during this task.

Penises can be different from each other both in terms of length and functioning.

None of the penis are straight just like it is drawn with a ruler or do not have proper limits. These differences can vary from person to person, and while some of them have a very small
curvature to the right or left, this curvature can be much in some people.

What is the limit of this? How much curvature can be considered as normal or abnormal as well as may considered as disability?

The absolute limit is the following; if this curvature is preventing your sexual relationships, hurt you or your partner during the sexual intercourse, this is a problem that must be fixed.

And if person is disturbed from an aesthetic point of the curvature of the penis seriously i.e., from the look of that and holding himself to take of your clothes because of this or does not perform sexual, this is also considered a problem to be fixed.

Could Penis Curvature Can Be Fixed?

Indeed, as everything can be performed (today we have enough knowledge and technology to re-make hands, fingers or penis) the penis curvature can be fixed too.

If you also have any doubt or distress, such as the curvature of the penis do not hesitate and go to the examination. Every time you spend with this suspicion, feelings of distress or embarrassment will make you upset and will adversely affect your sex life. Your doctor will enlighten you and will offer a surgical intervention if necessary or will lead to relax or provide confidence if you do not have any problem.

The majority of people coming to our clinic with this complaint go out in peace and comfort without having any problems as a result of our inspection and descriptions. So far, problems that may require surgical intervention or surgery seen in very few people and these ones fixed as needed to allow people to return to their normal sexual life. We had patients who had aesthetic concerns, most of them lose these concerns and complex as a result of examination and interview and they continued live their lives normally. However few of them forgot their concerns after the curvature corrected with the required operations.