Pre-Ejaculation and Personality Problems


When environmental factors (daily problems, marital problems, stress at work) eliminated, self-improvement can be expected in pre-ejaculation?

Generally, no. This is a habit and a system which is established. Here, in the first stage if you relax the environmental factors, a person can already direct to itself i.e. can take care of their own and can search for happiness. However this is also a vicious and very serious cycle. Because if you have a problem in the sexual area this will be reflected to your business and your dialogue with your environment. Imagine that a man who can not have a healthy sexuality, can not control his ejaculation, can not afford the adequate sexuality to his partner will feel himself unhappy, inadequate and incomplete.

This case will reflect to his social life and will lead to be reflected to people around him with intolerance. And this will disrupt his relations with the social environment. As the same cycle will continue, problems between partners will occur in the evening. Ladies of course will consider this problem as an injustice and complaint about it.

As a result women will feel that they are inadequate in a serious way, can feel that they are not admired while men will fell into a pessimism seriously by experiencing problems such as “I wonder what my wife feels, will we divorce, I am an incompetent man” in a unhappy way because they could not provide the sufficient sexuality.

As a sexual therapist you task is to clarify the problem, show the details behind it, the importance of simplicity or redundancy to the patient. We all experience the same problems in the pre-ejaculation. Some patients come in a very serious manner which they believe that they can not overcome from this. Therapist will tell patients that this problem can be solved, in fact it is a very simple problem which you have to understand the system and need to learn how to control the system. And some of the patients never care about it however there is a malaise in the background which can lead to divorce. We need to face the patient without intimidation, breaking or confrontation before they decide to divorce.

The man who feel that he can not control the process should try to solve the problem before this process create a great problem and the relationship become daunting for both of the parties.