Prepare Cellulite Cures at Home


Preparing Cellulite Treatment Products in the Home Conditions and Used Methods. Gels. Usually gels are used in skin which has sensitivity to oils available in the content of cosmetic products. Their use are appropriate oily and normal skins.

Glycerin Gel

Ingredients: 56 grams of glycerin, 40 grams of water, 4 grams of corn flour.
Mix the ingredients and let it stand for 2 hours to let them mix well.

Honey Gel

Ingredients: 3 grams of food gelatin, 34 grams of rose water, 1 gram of honey, 50 grams of glycerin, 3 grams of boric acid.

Dissolve the gelatin in the rose water, add boric acid, warmed honey. Mix well and let it stand for 4-5 hours.

Massage Prescription

2 sizes of almond oil, 1 size of lemon oil, ┬╝ size of lime oil, 3 sizes of red wine, 3 sizes of vodka.

Apply with a sponge twice a day to problematic regions.

Massage Prescription 2

Add the fresh bay and rosemary to a glass jar. Add sesame oil two tablespoons of vegetable oil and then mix it.

Cellulite Cream

Ingredients: 25 grams of eucalyptus oil, 25 grams of lemon balm oil, 25 grams of sage, and 15 crushed aspirin, juice of 10 lemon.

The ingredients are mixed thoroughly together and then applied to the skin by massaging. It is also very useful for rheumatism.

By the way the most important thing to remember is the nutrition and exercises as we always mention while you are applying these massages and creams. As Turkish surgeon, Dr. Mehmet Oz said: “Cellulite occurs due to the oil accumulation in the fibrous tissue that holds the skin and muscle area together. You can temporarily get rid of cellulite by using cream however it will┬áreappear. You must pay attention to your nutrition and exercise in order to have a body without a cellulite.”