Soup Recipe that Keeps Full


Soup should be the main dish for those who are willing to lose weight and stay fit. Especially the soup’s importance is really great in diet lists.

If you have a thought about weight problem or want to stay fit you can achieve your goals with the soup recipe we will provide for you.

This soup is staying longer in the digestive system, balances the metabolism and that’s why it will greatly show its “keeping full” effect.

Now we can give the recipe of this wonderful soup which will keep you full for a long time.

Required Ingredients for Soup that Keeps Full and Preparation:

* A bunch of purslane (will be used with its roots and stalks). The stalks of the purslane will help you to lose weight as well as the leaves will make your skin look good.

* 1 medium red onion,

* 2 tablespoons of boiled lentils,

* 2 tablespoons of boiled pinto beans,

* 4-5 cloves garlic (garlic must be used),

* 1 teaspoon of turmeric,

* 1 cup milk,

* 2 cups of water.

Add all ingredients in a pot and heat them on cooker for 1-2 minutes. Then blend all the ingredients to thoroughly crush them. After that cook your soup over low heat until it boils.

The feature of this soup that keeps you full is you will not need to eat anything else in the meal whether you are on diet or not.

You can consume a slice of bread and green salad together with this soup in a meal.

I hope this soup that keeps you fill will be the indispensable of your tables.