Things That Strengthen Your Immune System While You Are Getting Prepared for Winter!


The fall almost arrived and the weather started to cool off. With the different weather the intense stress, insomnia and malnutrition directly weakens the immune system. Well, does your immune system is ready for fall season? It is a must to support your immune system in order to be healthy without getting sick in the fall and winter season. One of the world-wide known internal diseases experts told the 10 recommendations that can strengthen the immune system.

11) Stay away from stress or try to manage it

You body produces substances in order to relieve the stress while you are stressed and your body become unbalanced and the collapse of the immune system occurs. That is why we all get sick more often when we are stressed. For example, herpes occurs.

22) Sleep well and enough

Sleeping well is as important as water for our health. The main measure of a good sleep considered as a person wakes up vigorously in the morning and feeling fit during the day. Poor quality of sleep lowers the performance, impairs the concentration, and causes the weakening of the immune system.

33) Walk 3 days per week in outdoors

Get rid of the heavy traffic and exhaust fumes and walk in the green areas. Especially spending time in outdoor and fresh air is quite helpful for a
healthy body and strong immune system.

44) Do not remain still

Do not spend a lot of time at the computer or without moving. Make two minute walks for each 40 minutes by getting up from the computer. At least try to move your body by stretching while you are on the computer.

55) Avoid from unnecessary use of medicine

Especially avoid from unnecessary use of antibiotics. If you have getting antibiotic habits when you have the flue or get cold, leave it. As antibiotic does not have any benefit to you in this case also unnecessary antibiotic use can damage to your body.

66) Exercise regularly

Exercises have great importance in preventing and protecting against disease. Regular exercise strengthens the immune system; ensure the fight against viruses and bacteria. As you exercise you will realize that you feel the cold less and there is a decrease in your fatigue complaints.

77) Do not tire yourself a lot

Give yourself a time to relax. Yes we are all too busy and works never end however we need to take care of our health. No matter what will happen, give yourself some time to relax.

88) Eat healthy and right

Eat whole grain products, carbohydrate, protein and fat balanced. Stay away from smoking, alcohol, and sugar. Take antioxidants. Antioxidants burn and destroy the substances that damage cells and free radicals. Onions, garlic, spinach, dill, parsley, citrus fruits, tomatoes, and broccoli are rich in terms of antioxidants. Eat fresh and seasonal vegetables and fruits.

99) Spend time with your beloved ones, establish strong social ties

Let your body to secrete the hormone of happiness. Try not to do it by eating chocolate and dessert! As you spend time with your beloved ones you will feel good about yourself.