Venus Factor System Review


Venus Factor is a 12 week weight loss program specifically designed for rebalancing of hormones that are the root cause of weight gain in women. This diet was invented by John Barban, a very popular diet and fitness expert. It’s targeted specifically at women who’re serious about shedding excessive body weight and leading a healthy life.

As per John, this system has been tried and tested on actual women, and has nothing to do with prepackaged diet plans, exercise machines, cardiovascular exercises or any of those diet pills that are selling like hotcakes these days. Rather, it focuses on body maintenance and calorie deficits. Hence, you are encouraged to consume lesser calories than you burn for at least 5 to 6 days every week. The routine becomes opposite on the maintenance days of the week, thus giving a boost to your natural metabolic rate.

Why are women encouraged to eat a separate diet?

John Barban is of the opinion that women’s bodies must be treated very differently than men when it comes to the process of dieting. This is because of the fat burning hormone leptin, which is produced more in women’s bodies.

You must be thinking that this is great?!


When it comes to women,

1. Their bodies respond three times less to the leptin signals when compared to men. Hence, they don’t use leptin to its maximum potential. This is referred to as leptin resistance by women.

2. Secondly, when women diet, the leptin levels in their bodies drop two times faster and twice as much as they do in case of men. This implies that women experience more weight loss plateaus than men.

So, essentially speaking women are at a slight disadvantage as far as dieting is concerned. Hence, they must not get depressed that they’ve been doing something wrong all this while, or attribute their weight loss failure to something major. The fact is that dieting produces different results in men and women. Women find it even harder to lose weight after pregnancy as their leptin levels drop down even more.

How Venus Factor diet helps?

John Barban system literally resets the women’s bodies and their leptin levels, rewiring their systems in a manner that they reach the most effective fat burning state of their bodies. He refers to this as ‘metabolic override’ and considers it an excellent way of working along with your body for accomplishment of weight loss, instead of working against it. The result – weight loss process becomes simple and enjoyable.

The system is designed to work with female hormones. It promises:

  • A boosted metabolism
  • Amazingly high energy levels
  • Zero weight loss plateaus
  • No cravings for the forbidden food items
  • Permanent fat loss in areas like thighs, butts, hips and stomach

John also educates his readers about the so-called healthy food items, which actually jeopardize women’s weight loss results, for instance soy products, artificial sweeteners etc.

Venus Factor pros

As John Barban is a pretty well-known personality in the field of health and fitness, you can be assured that this product is backed by plenty of research and actual information, which is scientifically proven to deliver.

The program focuses tremendously on helping women control their leptin levels. This is the hormone responsible for their constantly troubling hunger pangs. Women are taught to make certain nutritional changes, in order to signal their brains to automatically produce lower amounts of leptin.

Venus Factor guides every woman by hand and instructs them about how to effectively remodel their bodies through regular exercising and healthy eating habits. Women are taught to make healthy food choices that automatically help them in depletion of their leptin levels.

The workout routines detailed in the Venus Factor program are extremely easy to follow and are complemented by images and videos.

It’s a one of its kind program that is capable of providing consistent and efficient women centric weight loss results. It doesn’t focus merely on weight loss or muscle building, but on overall figure enhancement and muscle toning.

The nutrition plan of Venus Factor program doesn’t force you to give up your favorite food items. You’re allowed to consume your favorite foods as long as you’re loyal to the program.

John Barban goes out of the way when it comes to delivering optimum customer service to the Venus Factor users. All customer queries are resolved inside 24 hours of their receipt.

As Venus Factor program provides all women with unique nutrition and exercise plans, based on their body measurement ratios, they stand a far better chance of achieving positive results.

The exercise routines of the Venus Factor program don’t make it necessary for you to visit a well-equipped gymnasium every day. The workouts can be performed even inside the four walls of your home, making use of dumbbells and an ordinary bench.

Venus Factor program features a comprehensive 60 days money back guarantee. Thus, all users are provided with a risk-free and flexible arrangement allowing them to try the system without any worries.

The program is delivered in a digital format, doing away with the need of paying any shipping fees. Furthermore, all its contents can be accessed and benefited from, right after completing the payment process.

Venus Factor cons

No program is perfect in nature and the same applies to Venus Factor too. Following are some cons that you should be aware of:

Let’s be honest, staying motivated is not easy. Especially during the initial stages of the program when you are working very hard but can’t see any visible results. It is only after you lose a few pounds that you get the energy and motivation to give your all. Hence, please be aware that this system won’t start delivering results right from the word go. If you’re looking for something like that, this program isn’t for you.

If you’re on the lookout for a system that’s entirely focused on weight loss, this may not be the right choice. It focuses more on the transformation of entire body, in every possible aspect.

Venus Factor program requires plenty of discipline and work for it to deliver results. You must be committed to changing your exercising and eating habits. Not following John Barban’s instructions to the word may not get you the results you want.

As the program has been designed keeping women in mind, men don’t have much to gain from the Venus Factor system.

You must have a working Internet connection for successfully downloading the contents of the Venus Factor program. They are available only in a digital format right now.

Final verdict

If looked at in entirety, Venus Factor does a pretty phenomenal job in helping women accomplish their ideal body shape. It’s a very specific program based on calorie intake amounts, body ratios and other important calculations. It doesn’t merely focus on losing weight or fat deposits, even though they happen as a positive side effect of the system.

Its entire focus is on helping women accomplish their ideal body figure, which is in proportion to their height and weight. On the whole, considering the 60 days money back guarantee that it offers, the program is definitely worth trying for all women out there.