Ways to Say Goodbye to Cellulite


In these days of sea season begins, Dr. Mustafa Kemal Ataonder told that can be done for cellulite which is one of women’s biggest problem.

Dr. Mustafa Kemal Ataonder is a member of Aesthetic Doctor of International Health Group and explained what can be done to prevent cellulite which is one of biggest problems of women and said “In fact, cellulite is a circulatory disorder and usually it is directly proportional to malnutrition and sedentary lifestyle. First of all salt and sugar should be reduced, and you must increase the amount of water you consume during the day.”

Ataonder stated that half-hour walks performed during the day will be effective in the disappearance of cellulite and added “One other thing you need to make your routine is massage. You can witness your cellulite will be reduced when you massage to that area with the help of a brush with essential oils three days a week. However please note that you can not fight with cellulitis in a single front. You can reach the results you want with nutrition, movement and techniques developed for treating cellulite.”


Mustafa Kemal Ataonder underlined the need to create custom cellulite treatment with different radiofrequency devices for people and added “Radiofrequency containing devices mobilizes the water molecules and ions in the body effectively by heat, it allows the heating of the area by releasing energy in the area. The human body average is 36-37 degrees and when this application is made in the field of cellulitis temperature rises above 40 degrees, and it is caused to react in the body by becoming 50 degrees under the skin. This heat benefits the breakdown of the fat cell wall and the dissolution of regional adipose tissue in the body without causing any damage. Worn and even aged collagen tissue will be broken and died and the body activates the production of new collagen. In addition, the connective tissue is renewed. All these results helps the extinction of cellulite. The cleaved and soluble oils are excreted from the body by absorbed by the blood and lymphatic vessels.”


Ataonder stated that people who are willing to make application of radiofrequency to treat cellulite should learn in what stage problems in the body and problematic areas are, also he concluded his speech by saying “Before and after the radiofrequency sessions at least 2-3 liters of water and liquid food a day should be consumed for removal of the fats from the body quickly. As well as radiofrequency which is used as a painless, needleless and non-surgical solution I recommend you to check whether you have any metabolic disease and stay away from alcohol, smoking, irregular eating habits, sedentary lifestyles and stress that are triggering the formation of cellulite.”