Ways to Stay Fit without Weight Gain


What to Do to Stay Fit? How to Stay Fit?

In general we are not aware of our habits which causes us to gain weight.

The mistakes we make unwittingly or unknowingly leads to weight gain or waste our effort to lose weight.

What is the mistakes, wrongs we do unknowingly? What we should pay attention to lose weight or stay fit? How our nutrition habits should be?

What are the Ways to Get Rid of Excessive Weight? Things to Do to Stay Fit:

Behavior and eating habits that should be considered in order to lose weight and stay fit are as follows.

* Prefer to sit while eating.

* Try to pause for 30 seconds between bites.

* Never go shopping with an empty stomach.

* Do not eat snacks while watching TV or reading book.

* Eat just one serving in each meal.

* Brush your teeth immediately after meals.

* Ask the question of “Am I really hungry” to yourself.

* Try to get the flavor of every bite you bite.

* Prefer the stairs instead of escalators and elevators.

* Walk after your meals.

* Drink only tomato juice when you want to drink something as snacks.

* Prepare the sauces you will use on your vegetables with water.

* Mix your fruit juices with half mineral water.

* Eat five small meals every day.

* If you will eat a lot apply a small diet in the next day.

* Sauce the meat you will grill instead of using oil.

* Eat something with oatmeal before each meal.

* Prefer diet or light beverages.

* Prefer berries instead of junk food.

* Chew your each bite at least 20 times.

* Do not even chew sugar-free gum even you feel hunger.

* Prepare vanilla, juicy ice for yourself.

* Eat some fat-free yogurt before you go to an invitation.

* Eat a thin slice of cucumber when you feel hunger.

* Cheese keeps you full, you can eat before the meals.

* Never eat something sugary before you sleep.

* Drink herbal teas.

* Squeeze a lemon into a glass of mineral water and drink it before each meal.

* Prepare your favorites in small portions.

* You can eat vegetables or fruits which will not lead weight gain between meals.

* Hang a photo of you from your thin days in your kitchen.

* Always use small plates.

* If you want to eat cake, try to wait for 20 minutes.

* Look yourself naked in front of the mirror.

* Eat light meals at dinner three days a week.

* Try to not miss your meal times.

* Go restaurants which have low calorie menus.

* You can drink the water you boil your vegetables.

* Prefer diets which has fruit and vegetables.

* Cook the meat and fish in aluminum foil.

* Declare a day of the week as fruit day.

* Chop the foods as thin as possible.

* Make one day of the week as rice day.

* Note down everything you eat during the week.

* Eat two hard-boiled eggs in afternoon.

* Eat one apple before meals.

* Cook as much as you will consume in that meal.

* Keep the cores of the fruits in your mouth for a while.

* Try to go out from home when you feel hunger.

* Determine prizes that will make losing weight enjoyable.