What is Good for Heartburn?


If you experience heartburn after excessive and heavy meal you can reduce the heartburn with changes in your diet. Well, what is good for heartburn?

If you experience heartburn after excessive and heavy meal you can reduce the heartburn with changes in your diet. However if you experience heartburn even after light meals or you experience it 2-3 days in a week this case can be seen as a sign of another disease such as reflux or gastritis. Early diagnosis is important in the treatment of reflux or gastritis and it is possible to significantly reduce the symptoms with right diet. You can find the foods that are good and foods you need to stay away for heartburns you experience occasionally in our article.

Foods that are Good for Heartburn

The heartburn mostly caused by the production of excess stomach acid. Stomach acid is required for the disintegration of food and it does not harm the stomach lining under normal circumstances. However, if your stomach produce more stomach acid than normal and if you have reflux this acid may be go up to your esophagus. The surface of the esophagus is not a suitable environment for stomach acid and after a while acid begins to irritate the esophagus. As a result of this pain, burning sensation in the chest may occur. In addition, the parts of the membrane of the stomach which damaged due to ulcer becomes vulnerable to stomach acid and causes burning sensation, heartburn.

You have to stay away from foods which increases the production of stomach acid and hard to digest in order to prevent heartburn. If you are experiencing occasional heartburn then you should not be surprised experiencing heartburn after heavy, fatty, and spicy meat meal. Also citrus fruits such as orange and grapefruit that increase the amount of gastric acid can lead to chest pains and appearance of stomach acid in mouth especially in reflux patients. Apart from these it is known that coffee and other caffeine drinks, chocolate, mint and alcohol exacerbate the

  • You can try the following if you are seeking for a solution to your current heartburn.
  • Do not lie. You can stretch your legs with upright position of your back while you are in sitting position.
  • Do not drink coffee, tea after meals, do not eat dessert.
  • You can eat a piece of bread in order to reduce stomach acid.
  • Avoid from activities which will challenge you physically right after the meals.
  • Chewing a gum can reduce the amount of stomach acid a little bit. However keep in mind that chewing gum for a long time may cause gas.
  • If you are smoking do not smoke until the heartburn will completely go.
  • If you are hungry eat one boiled or warm potato.
  • Warm ginger tea cleans the esophagus and soothes your stomach.
  • Lie down on a bed and use extra pillows to hold your head high.

Measures for Heartburn

  • Do not eat fatty foods
  • Increase the number of your meals and reduce your portions
  • Do not eat excessive spicy meals
  • Stay away from acidic fruits
  • Do not drink caffeinated beverages
  • Do not drink carbonated drinks such as cola
  • Do not eat chocolate
  • Reduce the snacks such as chips, crackers.

It will be more accurate to ask how to prevent heartburn rather than asking what is good for heartburn because the heartburn is a disorder which is closely related with the thing you eat. Try to keep your meals light and do not force your stomach. Foods that cause heartburn may vary from person to person that is why you can note down the foods which make you uncomfortable.