What is Good for Pyrosis?


Those suffering from pyrosis must especially stay away from fatty and acidic foods.

The pyrosis is a common disease which can be seen at any age however more frequent between the ages of 20 and 50. The burning sensation usually felt 1-2 hours before or after meals.

If you have pyrosis complain after the meals firstly you need to determine the foods which cause this and stay away from those foods that increase the burning sensation.

The pyrosis is a health problem that affects millions of people today and decreasing the quality of life however it can be significantly taken under control and discomforts it causes can be reduced with changes in your diet.


You need eat light meals in order to not experience pyrosis. Boiled vegetables can be ideal choices for this. Vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals both balance the production of stomach acid that increase the burning and allow you to make your toilet easily with their fibrous structure. However broccoli which cause gas and acidic tomatoes are not recommended for pyrosis. You can eat the green leafy vegetables raw or boiled.

Fibrous fruits can be digested easily without forcing your stomach. In this way the production of stomach acid that cause pyrosis can be minimized.

In the best ranking of foods that are good for pyrosis, the raw vegetables, fibrous fruits (apart from acidic fruits such as bananas, peaches), whole grain foods that keep you full for a very long time which hold the stomach acid and easy to digest comes in the first place.

  • You can use the fresh ginger in your meals or consume it as ginger tea.
  • Change your posture while you are eating. Sit in upright position at the dinner table.
  • Walk some after you ate. It is ideal to stimulate the digestion system.
  • Avoid from positions and actions that increase the pyrosis.
  • Eat frequent but small portions.
  • Avoid from wearing tight or restrictive clothes.
  • Eat foods slowly and chew them.
  • Avoid from alcohol intake while eating.